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Betty and Joy

Here is a story about two brave women who traveled a long way to little Norway in order to help a family member. 

Joy is currently living in New Jersey and Betty in London. They felt great concern for their brother and son living in Oslo, and tried to reach him. Being abroad, and not knowing the Norwegian health system, made it nearby impossible for them to navigate the bureaucracy and routines of the Norwegian health system. Luckily they got a recommendation to contact the PIO-Center.

“From day one it was amazing”, Joy says. “Having someone fighting on our behalf, someone who knows the system, made a great difference to us.”

One week after we first spoke on the phone they arrived in Oslo. After a couple of days investigation we started to see results, they managed to find their loved one and to get in touch with the right people that were able to help. In the end we were able to connect the family with the right institutions that are now making sure he receives the help and the care he needed.

Betty and Joy are grateful they found their son and brother, and that a place like PIO exists. They are left with a feeling of gratitude and of meeting someone human.

“We would like to recommend the PIO-Center to anyone who needs help bringing their families back together” they say.

“One week ago we didn’t even know if he was alive or not” Betty adds “and all we can say really is thank you”.